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In imaginea de mai jos se pot vedea regulile care se aplica la optionSplit


optionSplit is a very tricky function. It's primarily used in the menu-objects where you define properties of a whole bunch of items at once. Here the value of properties would be parsed through this function an depending on your setup you could eg. let the last menu-item appear with another color than the other.

The syntax is like this:

|*|- splits the value in parts first, middle, last.

||- splits each of the first, middle, last in subparts

  • The priority is last, first, middle.
  • If the middle-value is empty (""), the last part of the first-value is repeated.
  • If the first- or middle value is empty, the first part of the last-value is repeated before the last value
  • The middle value is rotated.


ex:  first1 || first2 |*| middle1 || middle2 || middle3  |*| last1 || last 2

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