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Clear cache automat

Se pune scriptul de mai jos pe Template in TS pe pagina de TemplaVoila Storage. De cate ori se va modifica contetnutl din acest folder se va face clear cache. Se poate aplica si la alte foldere, cum sunt cele de Sabloane, sau alte foldere care necesita stergerea cache-ului.

TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = all

O alta comanda foarte eficienta:

How clearCacheCmd is Normally Used

Before I get into the really cool part, let me tell you how this is normally used. Let's say you have a blog with the posts stored in a SysFolder. There is an archive view on a page (id=45), a single view on a page (id=53) and latest view on a page (id=60). You would want to put the following in the page TSconfig of the SysFolder where you store your posts.

TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = 45,53,60

What you have done is to told TYPO3 that when ever you add or change a record in the SysFolder then the cache for pages 45, 53 and 60 should be cleared. It works recursively so if you have other folders nested inside the main folder then records changed inside them will trigger the cache clearing as well. This way blog authors do not have to clear the cache every time they edit a post.

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