TYPO3 Reea Blog

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Logo cu typolink

lib.logo= IMAGE
	altText = Text
	titleText = Text
	file = fileadmin/templates/images/logo.png
	file.maxW = 66
	stdWrap.typolink.parameter  = 4
	stdWrap.wrap = <div class="logo">|</div>

Logo introdus ca IMAGE

lib.logo = IMAGE
lib.logo.file.width = 360
lib.logo.file.height = 100
lib.logo.linkWrap = <a href="/" title="Typo3 Reea Blog" alt="Typo3 Reea Blog">|</a>

Logo introdus ca TEXT

lib.logo.value = <img src="fileadmin/template/images/logo_mandemakers.jpg" alt="Typo3 Reea Blog" width="168" height="73" title="Typo3 Reea Blog" />
lib.logo.typolink.parameter.data = getIndpEnv:TYPO3_SITE_URL 

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