Bringing the

Our Typo3 team, integral part of full service digital agency, has certified TYPO3 CMS web developers, integrators and extension developers, with different methods of implementation. Sites of presentation, web-shops, news portals, online exams, websites based on different technologies that merge in TYPO3 (TypoGento - meaning TYPO3 + Magento), websites using third party services (aMember), etc. We create customized plugins that work with Sales Force and other web services.

The method we have mostly used lately, beginning about three years ago, is TemplaVoila. We have also worked with Automaketemplate and Template Selector. Implementation method with TemplaVoila is what we successfully use applying the power of implementation of FCE (Flexible Content Element). Because of FCE, templates can be defined for recurring boxes with a specific design that can be integrated into content whenever needed, and this way any type of design can be implemented simply and fast. One of the biggest advantages is the websites can be administrated from the backend by any editor, regardless of their IT knowledge.

We crafted websites in order to work for modern browsers running HTML5, we implemented websites on mobile and iPad with responsive design. We make sure the websites implemented by our Typo 3 team are working properly on all web browsers (IE, FF, Google Chrome, Safari). We implement websites using TypoScript in advanced mode. If you have any questions or if you would like to talk to us about your future Typo3 startup, do not hesitate to contact us.